Friday, May 7, 2010

Ummmmm... Hello?

Ok - this is getting redonkulos... My birthday was in February!

Even tho I enjoy being the center of attention there has to be something else going on... lets see what I can drum up on my work computer:

Here is one of Bade from a couple months ago - just being Bade.

The kids had a good Easter.

Soccer is in full swing of course. Districts start this weekend.

Oh - and I am trying to talk Emily into driving this around... (Dont worry - the white on the sides will come right off - it has a 3rd row seat and it is super retro cool!) I think she is holding out for a mini-van - Booooorrrrrrring.

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Jason Stewart Family said...

I am protesting we want more guys have the cutest kiddos...we want pictures.