Monday, May 17, 2010

This is Jens again.

Well, we decided to buy a good camera. I have always wanted to buy a real camera, but I needed a good excuse to spend the money. I will spare you the details, but following a little advice from a professional photo buddy of mine from college, we decided to jump in. So here are a few from random stuff over the last week or so:

Bade watching one of my city league soccer games.
Aunt Alice
Blake at Gunnar's B'day Party... This is not totally in focus, but I like the wide angle lens looking photo even tho I am not geared up for it. The funny thing is that I just pointed the camera in her general direction and hit the shutter with the camera at my hip.
Bade and Mom.
I like this one - but I should have blown out the background a little more to get rid of that car and the other kids.


jayna said...

Looks great- what did you go with? A nikon I presume?

Your little guy is soo cute!

Jens said...

No - Canon 40D. We found one with only 4000 shutter actuations and it was babied by a photography student who decided to upgrade to the Canon 7D. Came with a battery grip and hard case.
Gotta love Craigslist.