Friday, May 28, 2010

Kindergarten, check.

Jens again...
Blake had her end of year Kindergarten program. They sang about the A, B, C's and did some cute little dances... Generally a good time and great material for future embarrassment. A couple pictures of some other family and friends from the event as well. Oh - and of course a pic of the family... (No - that is not a wig).


Alison said...

Hi. My name is Alison and you don't know me. I was actually trying to find contact information for your cousin (Branson's mom-Natalie?). I googled Branson's name and it pulled up your blog entry about him from 2008. Then I saw on your blog that you are friends with Markley and Angie Ward. I am friends of theirs too from when they lived in Utah. I took care of Kassidee & Parker when they were newborns. Small world. ANYWAY, I was wondering if you would mind seeing if Natalie(?) would mind giving me her e-mail address or if you could give her mine. You see, I lost my little boy Bridger on May 17th and my situation was very similar to hers. I just wanted to ask her some questions.

My e-mail is and you can read my story on my blog

Thanks so much!

Emily and Jens said...

I'm sure glad I have a husband who updates our blog. I love getting on here and checking my own blog to see what's new :)

Alison said...

Thank you so much for getting back with me and also passing my information on to Natalie.