Monday, May 17, 2010

Bade at District Soccer:
Emily took this - had friends over to play:
Other people's kids - Emily again:
Other people's kids - Emily again. I love how hot this kid looks:
Gunnar again - I think this is my favorite photo thus far - Swing Away!:
Family Friend - IDK, just an interesting face:
Some Soccer Stuff - Alumni from my HS team. We all play together in City League now - which provides me with a lot of happiness and an opportunity to still have some influence on their life.

Ahhhh - remember HS? Next few are from District Soccer.

I have a bunch of other soccer ones - but here is one:


The McGary's said...

That hot looking kid is always HOT looking! He runs across the house and his cheeks are bright red, he gets that from his father:) I am jealous of your camera that would be fun to have.

Jens said...

For whatever reason some of the pictures are not expanding, but anyway - I have the pictures of your little ones if you want them.

Miller Family said...

I think it is great that you still play soccer and are a great influence on the HS kids. Great pictures by the way! What kind of camera?