Monday, December 7, 2009

Bade's Blessing & other things

It was Bade's blessing day yesterday. He did really well...I always have the fear of the blow out...spit up...or crying episodes during the blessing. But Bade was wide awake and peaceful through the whole thing and Jens was able to give him a really sweet blessing. We had family & friends over later that evening for cookies and hot chocolate...very appropriate because it was freezing yesterday. Every time we stepped outside Trent would start crying and scream..."the storm's coming!" We are very thankful for our little guy and love watching him grow. Bade is now just shy of 8 weeks old and is smilng and starting to talk to cute.

Some other updates....notice the hole in Blake's smile. She lost her first tooth a couple of weeks ago. Grandpa "popped" it out with a string and it didn't even hurt she says :)
And did you notice the long beautiful locks of blonde, you ask (I wish), maybe Blake? Trent? No. Jens, yes Jens, is 5 1/2 months into his hair cut for a year...groovy baby yeah.
Mom & Dad & Bade
Blake, Davey Crocket...or is it Trent?
& Bade
The Family