Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Failure to Launch?

Emily has not posted here in a while - summer is her busiest season... Working in the yard, garden, and motoring the kids around going swimming or whatever - while also babysitting me - which is nice - all while being preggo zaps her energy.

For me - I started to think about that movie, "Failure to Launch." In the movie the main character played by Matthew McConaughey lives with his parents and he fills his life with things that are perhaps - for a 30-something - less sophisticated than putting on a suit and going to work each day. Mountain biking, climbing, paintball, surfing, going to ball games... things like that - then throw into the mix projects that, to the reasonable person, seem better suited for the scrap yard, not commanding valuable shop space. So - Minus the part about living with my parents (unless Emily counts), I am seeing some similarities...

So here is what we have been doing - School was out the 11th of June.

Started out the summer by going to a Seattle Sounders v Crew Match. That was a bunch of fun! Due to HS Soccer this was my first opportunity to get to a match - took Emily but - Oops... I guess we didnt get any pictures.

I was asked to accompany the stake young women on the Hiawatha trail. It is this mountain biking trail that follows the old rail route over the north Rockies. Here is a picture of Emily's Sister, Sister-in-law, and also Macey who is from our ward. You go through a bunch of tunnels - one that is a mile and a half! It is an easy ride, but a good experience.

I spent a week or so getting the scout ready to take it to Spokane for the Binder Bash (its a get together for people that own old Internationals - sounds lame, but it is a good group of people actually).
Speaking of rigs - we bought a '66 13 window VW Bus. It is sweet and will be a fun (but LONG) project. I also got a 4 wheeler going this summer for the family, and have been fixing motorcycles, jetskis, computers, and websites for people just to make sure I dont have a bunch of free time.

Anyway - so that is the project part of the movie.
He also goes hiking/biking/climbing/paintballing. Done a little of that as well:

I am the 11 year old scout leader so I took the boys out in the Mt. Stuart area. Ben Orth and I went and checked it out prior to taking the boys up there and brought our bikes. We had a good time:
Lets see - what else... Oh - we went to the Oregon coast for a week with Emily's family and did some surfing (brrrrr...) and the kids LOVED the Beach. When Trent gets tired he says, "I wanna go Beeeee Hooooouuus..." (Beach House)
Oh - 4th of July of course (sorry Avery - only pic we had):
I also ran the week-long 3v3 tournament again this year for the community festival called SummerFest. Blake was in the parade - Emily, Blake and Trent did the Fun Run, Emily and Courtney had a booth selling cotton candy and frozen chocolate covered bananas.
I am trying to think if there is anything else... Be have visited some family and had some visitors. Oh - I have done some fishing here and there, gone to a couple of car shows, and played some paintball with members of the Elders Quorum.

Of course I have been reffing some soccer, playing as much as possible, and having some practice with the girls to get ready for the fall - but all that is a given. I have tickets for the Barcelona v. Sounders match on the 5th and I am stoked for that - but all that can wait for later posts.

Oh! Blake Turned 5 while we were in Oregon:

So as you can see - I am not living with my parents, but I do spend most of my time on things that Sarah Jessica Parker's Character would consider slackerish... But what does she know... Good thing is that Emily thinks Matthew McConaughey is hot - so I'm all set.

A picture of Trent just because: