Tuesday, April 7, 2009


As my friend Shannon put it, we're adding on because we wanted a little less room...yes, child #3 is on the way.
I'm 3 months now and counting :) Blake is constantly "just thinking"..."Mom, I've just been thinking, the baby really likes ice cream"....or "Mom, I've just been thinking, my baby sister should be named Ella."...her middle name. And no we don't know if it's a boy/girl yet, but Blake knows it is a baby sister. So yeah, I'm pregnant:)

A Real Farm...

We went with my mom and sisters to Utah this past week for spring break. We visited good old Oak City and my Grandpa & Uncle Daniel's "real" farm...in Blake's words. The kids had fun riding horses with Aunt Janae and watching the baby calves and Uncle Bruce's geese. I wish I had a picture of Trent following Great-Grandpa around while he bottle-fed the calves. It had snowed the night before (yes...during spring break) and Trent followed right behind in Grandpa's footprints...it was a pretty sweet.
We visited Aunt Jackie and watched Ryan's tennis match in Richfield. And we spent some time in Provo with Ashley and Mark. Blake had fun swimming like a mermaid with Uncle Mark :) And Tyson, Sarah, & Trent's new favorite little person, baby Addie came over Saturday from Rexburg. It was fun to spend the week with family. But alway's good to be back home :)