Monday, December 7, 2009

Bade's Blessing & other things

It was Bade's blessing day yesterday. He did really well...I always have the fear of the blow out...spit up...or crying episodes during the blessing. But Bade was wide awake and peaceful through the whole thing and Jens was able to give him a really sweet blessing. We had family & friends over later that evening for cookies and hot chocolate...very appropriate because it was freezing yesterday. Every time we stepped outside Trent would start crying and scream..."the storm's coming!" We are very thankful for our little guy and love watching him grow. Bade is now just shy of 8 weeks old and is smilng and starting to talk to cute.

Some other updates....notice the hole in Blake's smile. She lost her first tooth a couple of weeks ago. Grandpa "popped" it out with a string and it didn't even hurt she says :)
And did you notice the long beautiful locks of blonde, you ask (I wish), maybe Blake? Trent? No. Jens, yes Jens, is 5 1/2 months into his hair cut for a year...groovy baby yeah.
Mom & Dad & Bade
Blake, Davey Crocket...or is it Trent?
& Bade
The Family

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bade Merrill

Bade is 2 weeks old in this picture. He's changing so much and is a really good little guy. He only fusses if he's not being held and when he's ready to eat. He still hasn't figured out that night time is for sleeping, but I can't complain, he's pretty lovable. At his 2 week checkup he weighed 9 lbs 3 ounces, 1 lb heavier since birth and was 1 inch longer. He's a healthy little guy.

Trent can't get enough of the little guy. He's always in Bade's face giving him kisses or saying "hello little guy!"

Blake is the perfect big sister. She loves loving on him as well. Bade is 1 week old in this picture.

Halloween 2009

Our little Monkey....Bade's first Halloween...he slept through the whole fun-filled night...thankfully :)

Trent, Bade, Blake, & cousin Justin @ Grandma's before the Trunk-or-Treat at the Church

Blake was a Witch this year.
Trent was a Super Hero/Muscle Man...the muscles are real, seriously...

Blake and Avery passing out candy at the Trunk- or -Treat

Trent loved trick or treating. Notice little Addalyn in the background, she was the cutest little kitty ever. After the Trunk-or-treat my mom and I took the kids into town to knock a few doors and about blew we only visited 4 houses and decided their candy bags were plenty full anyway and what the heck were we thinking?! Another fun Halloween.

Blake Soccer 2009

Blake played soccer this fall here in Royal this year. It was fun to watch her play with all her's just the beginning of a fun 13 years of sports for our little kindergarten group.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby is here

Everything has gone fine thus far.
8lbs 3oz
No Name Yet

Bade Merrill Jensen

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Donut anyone?

Our bi-annual donut making...while the dad's are at Priesthood during General Conference, we stay home and make donuts...naturally :) Always a good favorite...maple. I think the kids had more fun licking their fingers than anything.
All those helping this year....Blake-Trent-Me-Aunt Brooke-Gunnar-Campbelle-Grandma-Aunt Ali. I think we started this when my brother Mark starting going to priesthood...for some reason he needed donuts when he got home :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Little miss Blake was off to Kindergarten today! It was very exciting for Blake...not so exciting for her mother...and an awful day for her brother. We started the morning by dropping Trent off at "Grandma's School" and then Blake and I went to an orientation where she left with her teacher, Mrs. Mueller, and I stayed with the parents to be "oriented." Before I left I went to peak in on her class. She was having story time and had already done her handprints in paint...she was loving it... so I said good-bye...and went to get the child that still needed me :)
Blake is lucky enough to be in the same class as her cousin, Gunnar, and a few of her friends. It should be a fun year for her, we're pretty excited for our not-so-little girl.

Blake & Avery outside the School
Story Time with Mrs. Mueller
At her Table next to Brynne and Kale

Friday, August 14, 2009

Me again...

Emily is not getting to this - So here I am again to share whats up.

Every year we try to go on some sort of a camping trip with some friends. We went to Westport a couple of years ago, Sun Lakes last year, and this year we went to Scootney Reservoir. We just stayed a night and hit the lake and whatnot. It turned out to be a great place for camping and the kids.

I had tickets for the Sounders v. Barcelona match so we headed over to the other side of the mountains and decided to extend the stay a few days and stay with my brother Chris and his wife Christy. I went to work with Chris one of the days - He has his own business shooting studs, laying decking, and building stud rails/embeds for large structures. Many of you have seen me wearing an orange - Seattle Stud Welding - shirt... Well - this is him 'shooting' a stud:
We took a day trip to Westport another day - I actually brought my longboard over to surf, but it has to be really good to get me out in that cold water - it was not, but we had some fun:
Rub Emily's belly for good luck!We hit the Zoo on Wednesday and took a Camel ride. I cant imagine how boring it must be for the handler and the camel to walk in a figure 8 giving people rides all day long... Watch Out - They Spit! (Blake, Carly, Christy):
And Later that day I headed to the Barca match with some friends from Royal. Messi made the Sounders look terrible, but Barca is the best club in the world with Messi as possibly the best player on the planet, so what can you do. Sold out Qwest Stadium so it was good fun.
While I was at Qwest, everyone else went to some kind of 'cook in front of you' resturant. It is not Benny whatevers, but the same concept:
I had been kicking around the idea of heading down to San Diego for a surf trip with a buddy from BYU-Hawaii. I had never been south of LA, and I was jonesing for some warm water and waves. My buddy is a professional photographer shooting a lot of different things, but for the most part he shoots weddings and surf.

I will plug him because he is a buddy, but also because he is good at what he does:

Anyway - Emily and I were really good friends with Nathan and his wife Arianna in Hawaii. They have since had some rough times so anyway - it was a good opportunity to see a buddy and catch some waves so I headed down for about a week. Surfed Scripps, Tressles, Windansea, and Ocenside. Also looked around a bit - saw the Temple and Balboa Park. Would have been better to have the whole family, but it was good times and a great opportunity to check out SD for future get-a-ways with the full crew. I am not a huge fan of California just because I feel like someone dropped me into the middle of Barbie Land, but the water was warm, and the surf pleantiful so I was stoked. This is Windansea in the am before the clouds burned off:

Last surf session at Oceanside before jumping on the plane for home:So I guess that is it for now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Failure to Launch?

Emily has not posted here in a while - summer is her busiest season... Working in the yard, garden, and motoring the kids around going swimming or whatever - while also babysitting me - which is nice - all while being preggo zaps her energy.

For me - I started to think about that movie, "Failure to Launch." In the movie the main character played by Matthew McConaughey lives with his parents and he fills his life with things that are perhaps - for a 30-something - less sophisticated than putting on a suit and going to work each day. Mountain biking, climbing, paintball, surfing, going to ball games... things like that - then throw into the mix projects that, to the reasonable person, seem better suited for the scrap yard, not commanding valuable shop space. So - Minus the part about living with my parents (unless Emily counts), I am seeing some similarities...

So here is what we have been doing - School was out the 11th of June.

Started out the summer by going to a Seattle Sounders v Crew Match. That was a bunch of fun! Due to HS Soccer this was my first opportunity to get to a match - took Emily but - Oops... I guess we didnt get any pictures.

I was asked to accompany the stake young women on the Hiawatha trail. It is this mountain biking trail that follows the old rail route over the north Rockies. Here is a picture of Emily's Sister, Sister-in-law, and also Macey who is from our ward. You go through a bunch of tunnels - one that is a mile and a half! It is an easy ride, but a good experience.

I spent a week or so getting the scout ready to take it to Spokane for the Binder Bash (its a get together for people that own old Internationals - sounds lame, but it is a good group of people actually).
Speaking of rigs - we bought a '66 13 window VW Bus. It is sweet and will be a fun (but LONG) project. I also got a 4 wheeler going this summer for the family, and have been fixing motorcycles, jetskis, computers, and websites for people just to make sure I dont have a bunch of free time.

Anyway - so that is the project part of the movie.
He also goes hiking/biking/climbing/paintballing. Done a little of that as well:

I am the 11 year old scout leader so I took the boys out in the Mt. Stuart area. Ben Orth and I went and checked it out prior to taking the boys up there and brought our bikes. We had a good time:
Lets see - what else... Oh - we went to the Oregon coast for a week with Emily's family and did some surfing (brrrrr...) and the kids LOVED the Beach. When Trent gets tired he says, "I wanna go Beeeee Hooooouuus..." (Beach House)
Oh - 4th of July of course (sorry Avery - only pic we had):
I also ran the week-long 3v3 tournament again this year for the community festival called SummerFest. Blake was in the parade - Emily, Blake and Trent did the Fun Run, Emily and Courtney had a booth selling cotton candy and frozen chocolate covered bananas.
I am trying to think if there is anything else... Be have visited some family and had some visitors. Oh - I have done some fishing here and there, gone to a couple of car shows, and played some paintball with members of the Elders Quorum.

Of course I have been reffing some soccer, playing as much as possible, and having some practice with the girls to get ready for the fall - but all that is a given. I have tickets for the Barcelona v. Sounders match on the 5th and I am stoked for that - but all that can wait for later posts.

Oh! Blake Turned 5 while we were in Oregon:

So as you can see - I am not living with my parents, but I do spend most of my time on things that Sarah Jessica Parker's Character would consider slackerish... But what does she know... Good thing is that Emily thinks Matthew McConaughey is hot - so I'm all set.

A picture of Trent just because: