Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Branson Jack Call

I prayed for this child and the Lord
granted my request.
Now I in turn, give this child to the Lord.
1 Samuel 1:27

My cousin Natalie is like a sister to me. So when I got the phone call that had told me her little baby boy that she's waited so long for was going to be stillborn, my heart broke for her. Natalie and her husband Rob have amazed me at how strong they have been through this very difficult time. They then made a website as a memorial to their little boy, Branson Jack Call. Take the time to visit the site and watch the memorial video they is truly amazing and helps you to remember and appreciate Heavenly Father's plan for us.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SMILE! the pictures are a little fuzzy. Didn't quite work out like I'd hoped. We had Blake's pictures done after her birthday and I thought I'd share. I'm putting a plug in for Kiddie's the only place even worth going in my opinion ;) They have a birthday club so if you go in the month of they're birthday, it's pretty reasonable. The downside...there are only studios in Seattle and Spokane. For those not from the area...that's a 2-3 hour drive in either direction...

Monday, July 14, 2008

RFC 3v3

This is Jens - I do a 3v3 tournament during the summer festival in our town. These are the winners: It was another good year.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Purple Passion Baby

It was a Purple Passion Party all day July 2nd...Blake turned the long awaited 4!
HaPpy #4 To BlAke!!!

She had her friends over that afternoon for a little water fun. 10 little bodies going water crazy.
Why not? A little purple cake, icecream and purple koolaid never hurt anyone :)
(front) Gracee-Blake-Kate-Avery-Brynne-Luke
(back) Derek-Gunnar-Wes-mommy Kristen
(not ready for the picture or cake and icecream) Jace & Brayden :)

Trent, well, let's just say that he enjoyed the party just as much as the rest of the kids :)
Happy Birthday Blake - We love you

Camping with the Clan

So I'll finally get my blog out about our camping trip...I know, I'm the last and slowest to get it done, so here we are :) We went to Sun Lakes and camped for several days the end of June. It was great...sunshine, water, wind...what???!!! The wind was unbearable. No fail, every night the tents were flat on the ground. There was little sleep, but we all survived :) Well, I guess our "tent" wasn't quite as blown as the rest. We were fortunate enough to have Jens' brother's tent trailer for the trip. Not to worry though, the noise of the wind was enough to keep me up ALL NIGHT!!!
Luke-Blake-Avery-Derek @ water wars...
Amy Huss came up for a day...she got all of us lame mom's up off our butts at the lake and got us to jump off the docks (I'll spare you those pictures) and Hayden kept the kids busy all day with games...thanks go to the Huss family :)
Trent...well what can I say. My little man is pretty charming :) He thought the water faucet was pretty great.
Dad & Trent takin' it easy