Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We went over to Tacoma this weekend and visited Chris and Christy (Jens' brother and his wife.) A favorite thing to do with aunt Christy is go to Build a Bear...there are so many cute little bears and puppies and...well, Blake chooses to build a psychedelic bunny...what!!?

I'm going to chalk one up for Build a Bear...They make it a pretty fun experience for the kids...after all, it's where friends are made...
After the stuffing and filling and creating your little friend, you take it over to wash her off and get her ready to get dressed...The finished product...a groovy new friend a happy little girl.
Unfortunately this is poor Trent...he didn't find the pink bunny business all that exciting. We had a lot of fun, as usual :) Thank you Aunt Christy!

ahhhhhh...my favorite thing

Courtney surprised me with a late birthday celebration... a trip to Moses, lunch and ahhhh yes...a pedicure. Loved it. There's nothing quite like a total stranger clipping your toenails and rubbing lotion all over your feet...it's the best! THANK YOU COURTNEY!

Soccer...yes please

We are either brainwashing Trent or giving him an early love of the game :) Trent and I went with Jens last week to yet another soccer game. Trent wanted to get out there and play with his "da" So Jens came over and played with him for awhile...Trent loved it.
Jens and a van load of his soccer kids went to the Mexico/China Soccer game in Seattle on the 16th. It was a pretty awesome experience for them...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Family Night

For our family night last night we made the journey to Tri-Cities in the wind and watched Jens play soccer. In his words, "I'm not old enough to play city rec"...in other words...pretty poor talent and he can still compete with the best of them...man it's tough to be so good...haha. No really, it was fun to watch him play for change. The kids and I only lasted the first half though...and then we hopped in the car and went to Costco. It was the fastest Costco run I've ever been on...45 Minutes...record time. It did help that there were no samples to eat...too late in the day.

This was Trent the whole time...yelling "go dad!" from behind the gate.
We braved the wind...the one thing that I do not like about the Columbia Basin...WIND!!!! At least the sun was shining, so it was bearable.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Slipped His Lip"

Little Trent...yesterday was not one of his best. Blake and him were "twirling" like every ballerina twirls (the bonus of having an older sister, Trent gets to learn all these very important things) and fell and hit the corner of the hope chest in my room. I picked him up and looked at the damage...then we all ran to the car and drove down to the clinic in town. I walked in and said, "Uh, I think we need stitches." Then Royal City's favorite nurse Jana and the PA got Trent all stitched up. Trent obviously fought us the whole time he was getting stitched...Jana and I had a pretty good work out trying to hold him as still as possible ( I was literally laying on his body to pin his arms and Jana was holding his head...oh man, it was awful) Poor little guy. So the gaping hole in his bottom lip is stitched up and if he doesn't bite out the stitches or pull them out...they say he should heal nicely :) 7 stitches in all...what a boy. So as Blake says it, "Trent slipped his lip!" Heidi Morales stopped by this morning and said she heard about Trent's busted lip and gave him a "Feel Better" Tiger and balloons. We love the Morales family...her daughter Korina plays for Jens on the H.S Girls soccer team and does stats for the boys team...who Jens also coaches :)
So that made Trent's morning...thank you Morales Family.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Some of these pictures are at Grandma's coloring eggs with Aunt Janae...Blake loves "projects" so coloring eggs was a big hit with her...Trent just wanted to drink the egg dye. Blake loved finding her easter basket-and looking for eggs. All the pictures I got of Blake at the Andersen's egg hunt were of her running away from me as fast as she could to beat the next kid to the egg...(a little healthy competition) Notice Blake's "I won!" (in her own words) expression... And Trent figured out that the eggs were hiding some pretty great treats.

I just wanted to show just how much Trent LOVES his food....can it get any better than that? The picture of him walking is at the Easter egg hunt at Courtney's...forget the eggs...give me more grapes!

Trent and Blake wrestling... how it begins and how it always ends...help me PLEASE!!!