Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Still here...

ughhhh...seriously, is anyone going to post anything???!!! I think I have a really good excuse for no posts since MAY! We now have a fancy-dancy camera, which Jens thankfully retrieves the images pretty regularly, but they all go on his computer...which I have no idea how to use....which results in no post. I'm just not that computer savvy and not that clever to post without pictures :) And so, here is our blog, post-less for months and months (not that anyone is keeping track except me.) Promise to myself, I will catch up on my blog...soon...very soon.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Kindergarten, check.

Jens again...
Blake had her end of year Kindergarten program. They sang about the A, B, C's and did some cute little dances... Generally a good time and great material for future embarrassment. A couple pictures of some other family and friends from the event as well. Oh - and of course a pic of the family... (No - that is not a wig).

Monday, May 17, 2010

This is Jens again.

Well, we decided to buy a good camera. I have always wanted to buy a real camera, but I needed a good excuse to spend the money. I will spare you the details, but following a little advice from a professional photo buddy of mine from college, we decided to jump in. So here are a few from random stuff over the last week or so:

Bade watching one of my city league soccer games.
Aunt Alice
Blake at Gunnar's B'day Party... This is not totally in focus, but I like the wide angle lens looking photo even tho I am not geared up for it. The funny thing is that I just pointed the camera in her general direction and hit the shutter with the camera at my hip.
Bade and Mom.
I like this one - but I should have blown out the background a little more to get rid of that car and the other kids.

Bade at District Soccer:
Emily took this - had friends over to play:
Other people's kids - Emily again:
Other people's kids - Emily again. I love how hot this kid looks:
Gunnar again - I think this is my favorite photo thus far - Swing Away!:
Family Friend - IDK, just an interesting face:
Some Soccer Stuff - Alumni from my HS team. We all play together in City League now - which provides me with a lot of happiness and an opportunity to still have some influence on their life.

Ahhhh - remember HS? Next few are from District Soccer.

I have a bunch of other soccer ones - but here is one:

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ummmmm... Hello?

Ok - this is getting redonkulos... My birthday was in February!

Even tho I enjoy being the center of attention there has to be something else going on... lets see what I can drum up on my work computer:

Here is one of Bade from a couple months ago - just being Bade.

The kids had a good Easter.

Soccer is in full swing of course. Districts start this weekend.

Oh - and I am trying to talk Emily into driving this around... (Dont worry - the white on the sides will come right off - it has a 3rd row seat and it is super retro cool!) I think she is holding out for a mini-van - Booooorrrrrrring.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Jens!

Happy Birthday to Jens! Since Jens loves to celebrate his birthday, we've made it extra special...or rather far from it. This is how his "day" has gone...work which included a junior high dance, (probably the high-light of the day) pulled out our living room carpet to make way for our wood floors, (yea!!!!) dinner which consisted of the "World's best sandwich," (from Splanglish) had cake & ice cream with the deacons in our ward, (they came over to help pull out staples in the floor) went to futsol...and that about wraps it up. Pretty special day huh :) But seriously, we love you Jens and wish you a Happy Day :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trent's #3

TRENT turned 3 December 21st. He had a bowling birthday and had so much fun with all the family that came to help him celebrate...Uncle Mark and Aunt Ashley, Cousins Gunnar, Campbelle, & Addie, Uncle Nicolas and Aunt Brooke, Uncle Tyson and Aunt Sarah, Aunt Janae, Aunt Ali, Grandma and Grandpa, Blake, Bade and Mom and Dad. He even had a special visitor come to Grandma's to wish him a happy birthday and to make sure he was being nice :) We consider ourselves pretty blessed to have Trent in our family and love our little guy.